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Mijnwater 3.0

Mijnwater B.V. is already thinking about the further development to Minewater 3.0: a demand-based system that recognizes patterns of demand over time. This means that the energy requirements can be accommodated on the basis of factors such as weather forecasts and customer demand, making it possible to utilize other hybrid energy sources as efficiently as possible. As such, the relatively hot and relatively cold water will be routed where they are needed even more effectively. What exactly does this involve?

Greater yield
To illustrate, the system might heat the thermal buffers or mass at the building or cluster level with warm water when cold weather is expected. By adding additional intelligence (awareness of time) system performance can be boosted to even higher levels. We anticipate and exploit the overproduction of heat. This makes it possible to achieve a return of 500%-600%. And there is another big advantage: we can create a healthier living environment. Research from the University of Maastricht has shown that a slightly fluctuating temperature has beneficial effects on human health. Our bodies experience a constant temperature as unpleasant. The ideal temperature varies from morning to evening and depends on your activity level. In the future, a biometric watch may be used to determine the most comfortable temperature for the occupant and adjust the heating or cooling accordingly.

Following discussions with Mijnwater B.V. three universities are beginning research into this. This new technology can be a leap forward for mankind!

Mijnwater Plus
Heating and cooling water with geothermal energy reduces consumption of fossil fuels. Energy is only required for pumping and circulating the warm and cold water. This energy can be generated using thermal solar panels. As a result, the CO2 emissions are negligible.

Out of sight and never a bother
A geothermal source is not affected by climate or weather. The energy is available year round, day and night. The installations require little space and cause no nuisance or disturbance for the surroundings. In fact, most of the technical equipment is located underground, where it is out of sight.

Mijnwater 3.0 HOI 7 februari 2014 NL
Mijnwater 3.0