Mijnwater B.V. provides a profitable exploitation of heat and cold with mine water. The company is building on the development and construction of an innovative infrastructure for the distribution of mine water by the municipality of Heerlen. Mijnwater B.V. has taken over all activities in the area of ​​mine water from the municipality of Heerlen and operates as a social enterprise. Mijnwater B.V. continues delivering mine water energy to existing customers (CBS, Heerlerheide Center (Gen Coel), APG, Arcus, Rabobank Parkstad, A Gen Bek multifunctional accommodation, GGD-Zuid-Limburg Heerlen, Shared Services Center and Maankwartier) and will ensure the recruitment and connection of a large number of new customers to the mine water system in the coming years. Mine water energy is applicable in homes, offices and companies. With a limited amount of auxiliary energy, the customer creates a comfortable indoor climate throughout the year. In this way, mine water contributes to a large extent to a sustainable energy supply.

In September 2018 the Mijnwater shares were sold by the municipality of Heerlen to the Limburg Energy Fund (LEF). The director of Mijnwater B.V. and Mijnwater Holding B.V., Mr. Louis Hiddes, continues to manage the organization. He knows better than anyone that the organization is now ready to grow into a large-scale energy company. “We have the knowledge to dismantle neighborhoods, both new and existing, from natural gas. This is already apparent in many homes, businesses and schools in the region. And we are going to expand that in many more areas in Heerlen and environs”

<press release municipality of Heerlen: LEF takes over Mijnwater>


In 2008, the first phase of the Mine Water Project was set up as part of the INTERREG project. Several parties acknowledged the added value of the project, as a result of which a large part of the initial investment was covered by National and European grants. Since the end of 2016, Mijnwater B.V. project partner in Interreg NWE Heatnet, Horizon 2020 (STORM project) and OPZuid. Since 2018, Mijnwater has been the lead partner in Interreg NWE D2Grids and project partner in Interreg Life4Heatrecovery.

More and more people express their interest in the approach of Mijnwater. At various subject-specific symposiums and trade fairs we exchange our knowledge on both technical and educational level, both at home and abroad.