Mijnwater B.V. provides a cost-effective means of utilizing warm and cold mine water as a source of renewable energy. The company continues to develop innovative infrastructure for the distribution of mine water throughout the municipality of Heerlen.

New connections in 2016
Mijnwater B.V. has taken over all mine water-related activities from the municipality of Heerlen and operates as a social enterprise. Mijnwater B.V. continues to deliver mine water to the existing and recently added customers (CBS, Heerlerheide, APG, Arcus, Rabobank Parkstad, A gene Bek, Maankwartier) and will solicit and connect many new customers to the mine water system in the coming years.

Provision of renewable energy
In many cases mine water is very attractive as a primary means of heating and cooling homes, offices, and commercial spaces. With mine water and a limited amount of supplemental energy the customer can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate all year round. Mine water is therefore a significant contributor in the transition to renewable energy sources.

Further development of the concept
Mijnwater BV hopes to provide minewater energy for about 800.000 m2 of floor space (homes and offices) in the first quarter of 2016. With this endeavor Mijnwater BV contributes to a 65% reduction of C02 emissions in the heating and cooling of connections in the region. The basic scenario will end in 2017 with approximately 27 customers in one of the four cluster networks of Mijnwater. As expected it involves a net investment of about € 35 million from the start until the year 2017.

The managing director oversees the project manager(s) for new connections and also has responsibility for all the regular tasks of an energy operator, such as maintenance, customer service and billing. The managing director is accountable to the Supervisory Board for his policy implementation. The municipality of Heerlen is the sole shareholder. The aim is to interest other parties to investing in Minewater as shareholders.

The first phase of the Minewater project was set up as part of the INTERREG project in 2008. Multiple parties recognized the value of the project and thus the initial investment was largely covered with national and European grant money.

International recognition
Mijnwater B.V. is able to achieve energy-neutral areas with local energy sources, in large part based on geothermal buffering. The efforts and results in Heerlen have now gained international recognition. We promote the Minewater concept at various symposia, seminars, and industry meetings. An increasing number of universities are also showing interest in our innovations, knowledge, and technology.

European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015
In March 2015 Mijnwater B.V. received the ‘European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015’ during the GEOTHERM conference of the ‘European Geothermal Energy Council’ (EGEC) in Offenburg (Germany). The award recognizes excellence for innovations in the field of geothermal energy.