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Ijzergieterij VDL Castings

  • Ijzergieterij VDL Castings

About the Project

In Hoensbroek, we are currently working hard on the construction of underground pipelines for new connections, including Ijzergieterij VDL Castings Heerlen (formerly Componenta). In January 2019 a new exchange station (so-called cluster cellar) was installed to ensure that heat and cold can be exchanged between the iron foundry and Zwembad Otterveurdt. The heat that is released at the iron and metal foundry is gigantic. That heat is now lost, but in the future it will be ‘absorbed’ by Mijnwater B.V. and transported to nearby locations that require heat. The foundry gets the cold back in order to cool where necessary. VDL Castings Heerlen will be connected to Mijnwater at the end of this year according to schedule.

A nice example of a circular energy supply.